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Our Dental Clinic is one of the biggest and most dynamically developing dental clinics in Hungary, Budapest. Since its foundation in 2000, MADENTA has provided the entire spectrum of dental services to every age group with outstanding proficiency and the most up-to-date technology.

Dental Clinic

We are proud that our patients are satisfied not only with our proficiency, but also with the way we carry out our treatments. Personal attention and the consideration of individual needs are top properties for all MADENTA dental professionals. The mutual confidence between the patient and the dentist is a vital part of dental services.


Thousands of implants, crowns, veneers, bridges and fillings have been fitted by MADENTA dental professionals. Our treatments range from preventive examinations and simple dental cleaning to complex oral surgeries using general anaesthesia and bone generation for dental implants.
General Treatments, Diagnostics

General Treatments, Diagnostics

Dental X-ray In order to make a more exact treatment plan and to diagnose any possible problems, it is necessary to make an X-ray (digital panoramic X-ray, periapical X-ray, cephalometric X-ray).
Oral examination, treatment plan After the evaluation of the X-rays and the oral examination our qualified dentists will make an individual treatment plan. They discuss the emerging issues and all the possible treatment options with the patient.
General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

General anaesthesia is carried out in the form of ”ambulant anaesthesia”. In case of healthy patients who are under the age of 50 need to go through examinations in laboratory to which they get your referral letter from the dentist. Patients above the age of 50 are examined by our anaesthesiologist one session before the general anaesthesia. The laboratory examinations are also necessary, which are the following: the results of full blood examination (full blood count, blood-sugar, liver and kidney function), ECG and the finding of pulmonary screening that is not older than 6 months. Dental attandence in anaesthesia is comfortable, precise and makes quick work possible for the dentist. In case of treatments when the patient’s cooperation is necessary they can be done painlessly and it is not recommended to do it in anaesthesia, such as fillings and crowns. If you have any questions feel free to ask your dentist!
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cleaning and scaling

A so-called sandblasting appliance is used for clearing off tarnish. During the operation, the appliance delivers fine-grained polishing particles mixed with water to the dental surface, which clear off the undesired tarnish due to friction. Polishing may be carried out by utilising polish paste or small-headed polishing brush. The appositional and petrified fur is cleared off by ultrasound mechanic appliance in case of dental tartar. The mechanic clearing off of tartar underneath gum is complemented by hand operated appliances. Subsequent to complete clearing off of tartar, treatment is finished by polishing of dental surface with menthol or neutral flavoured polishing paste.


Veneers are extremely thin porcelain facings that are glued to the anterior surface of the teeth to improve dental cosmetic aesthetic. They are especially used for the optical correction of the form, colour or small displacements of the tooth. For this purpose the surfaces of the teeth have to be prepared at first, which means that a 1mm thin layer is removed from the face or the cutting edges of the teeth. After a precise impression a filmy full ceramic layer is done out of a lot of layers of porcelain by hand that are glued to the teeth then. This kind of aesthetic adornment is mostly chosen in case of healthy teeth which means not filled or root-treated teeth because otherwise full ceramic crowns ought to be chosen in favour of improved stabilisation. Moreover the treating dentist has to judge the whole physiological occlusion because in case of distinct occlusal malposition, like deep bite or “natural gnashing of teeth” the durability is restricted.


This treatment can be carried out only in a totally healthy oralcavity, therefore all scales causing gingivitis must be removed, carious teeth must be treated before teeth whitening procedure. Whitening materials do not damage teeth.

Zoom 6% Whitening system- In office bleaching

ZOOM is a scientifically developed method to whiten your teeth. Safe, effective and fast – very fast! Your teeth will become much whiter in barely more than an hour. ZOOM is an ideal way to whiten your teeth if you want immediate results.

Opalescence® - home bleaching

The whitening of the entire row of teeth has to be done usually at home, using splints containing Opalescence® tooth whitening material and it takes approx. one -week time.
Conservative Dental Intervention

Conservative Dental Intervention

Filling: forming of socket is performed by a high-spin, while the removing of cavitiy is carried out by slow spin drill. Subsequently, the anatomic shape of tooth is restored tooth-coloured and aesthetic filling material. Inlay and onlay: Subsequent to removal of old filling and cleaning of cavity, special socket transformation is performed. In various cases, the cusp needs to be removed as it is a part lacking supporter and might brake off due to occlusal force (in case of root-treated tooth, teeth are covered with onlay including cusps). The so-called undergoing parts of socket shall be filled with composite or glass ionomer material and then an impression of tooth is taken. Impression-taking is performed with silicon based impression material: impression tray is filled and then placed to dental arch with pressing. The antagonist impression taking, namely the impression of the opposite arch of the treated arch is required for dental technician work. In such case, alginate impression material is used most commonly. Crown, bridge: Teeth are ground off in accordance with relevant regulations (shoulder preparation). The missing part is replaced with a so-called tooth stump building material (glass ionomer), or, in case of root-treated teeth, stump may be rebuilt with anchoring in canal (carbon/glass fibre stump rebuilding). Impression taking is required after the preparation of teeth (see inlay). In case of bridges of more extension, a separate session of gnathological measure-taking is necessary for the harmonic occlusal of lower and upper dental arch. We offer aesthetic, metal and allergy free restorations: inlays, crowns, bridges and veneers Root canal treatment Treatment is performed, depending on the infection of tooth, at one or more occasion under local anaesthesia. Root canal treatment is carried out by the utilisation of a specific isolating set, the so-called rubber dam isolating set. The tool consisting of rubber sheet and fixing clamp is a practical and inevitable condition of successful root canal treatment. It provides complete overview, maximal security and sufficiently sterile conditions for treatment. During the treatment, by drilling the grinding surface of tooth, the old root filling and the tissues and nerves of root canals are dislocated with files and canals are enlarged. In case the tooth was infected, disinfecting substance (calcium-hydrochloride) is injected in canals. In such case, treatment may be carried on approximately a week later and tooth may be endowed with root filling (using gutta-percha point and sealer). Shall the tooth and bone-tissue around tooth not infected the canals may be filled in one meeting after expansion. Expansion and precise filling of canals is a time consuming process. Normally, one hour is required in each meeting. Periodontology Periodontological surgeries are suggested for patients having bone socket deeper that 3-4 mms or having osteolysis. In case the reason of disease cannot be eliminated in conservative way, the so-called open and closed curette surgeries shall be performed. Surgeries may be combined further with osteo-substitution or placement of membrane barrier.


Steps of inserting an implant:


Our surgeon will examine the status of your teeth, measures the thickness of the bone and evaluates your panoramic X-ray. A CT might be needed in order to plan the size and position of implants more precisely. During the consultation any questions that may arise can be discussed. The surgeon will prepare your individual treatment plan, enumerates the alternatives and provides information about the treatment process and its price. Our clinic works with several types of implants, your dentist will help you to come to the best solution. If there are other factors (such as caries, tartar) it is recommended to be refitted so that the operation will be carried out in clean mouth thus ensuring the optimal conditions for healing.

Operation and healing time:

The implants are made of titanium, as a result they do no harm to the human organism. On the first occasion the implants are placed into the bone. The operation can be carried out by using local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia depending on the patient’s request. On the second occasion (after 3-6 months healing time) the crowns will be fitted. If someone needs bone augmentation this will mean one more occasion. We give lifetime warranty for dental implants and bone augmentation. In order to have a lifetime result it is inevitable to have appropriate oral hygiene and to be presented at semi-annual check up.


  • First consultation
  • Taking an X-ray
  • Taking impression and photo documentation
  • Second consultation, evaluation, selection of braces
  • Third time: putting on braces

Please find below the types of braces

Damon Q braces with gentle power: the properties of these braces make it possible to move the teeth with a more gentle, tooth and bone-friendly method. Its advantage is that it is enough to visit your dentist every 10th week. Sapphire: Cost-effective, metal bracket system with rounded bracket- wings for greater comfortability. Damon Clear: The Damon Clear system is the improved version of Damon Q that does not have the colour of metal but consists of transparent plastic brackets. In most of the cases it is unperceivable that you wear braces. The appliance is as durable as Damon Q, has all of its advantages, however it is more aesthetic. Signature III. represents an excellent alternative to metal brackets. This ceramic bracket is very aesthetic and comfortable. ClearSmile: invisible, removable and comfortable braces customized to the needs of our patients. Early treatments with removable appliances starting from the age of 6, which help to avoid or shorten the time of wearing braces. Removable braces: Several types of removable (night) braces can be found in our clinic. Their usage depends on the extent of tooth correction. The effect of removable braces cannot be compared to that of fixed braces, therefore evaluation cannot be given. RMO Multi-Family - The Multi – Family System Appliances are myofunctional appliances that can be used during early childhood at the beginning of the orthodontic treatment.


Treatment Price
Cleaning, Whitening, Fillings & Extractions
Cleaning and scaling 16000 HUF
Composite Filling from 12000 HUF
Extraction (simple) 12-15000 HUF
Extraction (surgical) 35000 HUF
Composite Inlay/Onlay 49000 HUF
Professional ZOOM teeth whitening 99000 HUF
Porcelain crown fused to metal 47000 HUF
Zirconia crown 79000 HUF
Veneer from 29000 HUF
Implant Procedures
Standard Titanium Dental Implant
(AlphaBio implant, abutment, surgery)
from 145000 HUF
Sinuslift (surgical fee) - closed 30000 HUF
Sinuslift (surgical fee) – open 80000 HUF
Root Canal Treatment
Root canal (any tooth) from 15000 HUF
Panoramic X-Rays 5000 HUF
Other procedures
General anaethetics 85000 HUF
Consultation 5000 HUF

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